Get Creative with Bathroom Window Treatments

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Bathrooms can be sensitive areas to decorate and you may spend a little more time when choosing bathroom window treatments.  Bathrooms are going to typically have less space than other rooms in the home so you need to be careful and practical in your choices.  Choosing the right custom bathroom shades or bathroom shutters requires due consideration.

Functional, Practical, yet Beautiful Shades 

You can also have a little more fun with your bathroom window treatments because they often allow a certain amount of creative freedom.  Roman shades in a bathroom window can be practical and functional, providing you with the ability to control the natural light that flows into your bathroom.  Custom bathroom shades allow for an even greater degree of freedom when addressing the aesthetic look of your bathroom.  Custom bathroom shades can come in a wide variety of colors and materials.  One very important deciding factor to keep in mind when choosing a fabric for an area with potentially high moisture and high traffic is to choose one that can be cleaned easily and that resists mildew well.

Shutters for Every Room

Many sizes, shapes, colors, stains, and finishes can accompany shutters when you choose them for a room in your home.  They are virtually at home in any room of your house.  Faux shutters work really well as bathroom shutters due to their ability to play well in rooms with a high moisture content.  You can also help craft the look you want due to the variety of available louver sizes.  Gallery of Shades works with some of the most well-known companies in the country for designing custom bathroom shutters.  They can easily be as practical, functional, and unobtrusive in dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms as they are in bathrooms.  Shutters provide extra benefits because they are energy-efficient, durable, and won’t crack, fade, warp, or peel.

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Buy Plantation Shutters for Added Value to Your Home

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Your home is one-of-a-kind.  Naturally, you want your window coverings to be sensational and flow well with the rest of your home’s décor.  Custom plantation shutters are an obvious choice because they will add to the style of your home and help beautify it.  When you buy plantation shutters they add value to your home as well because they are a classy choice of window covering that everyone will appreciate.


When you buy plantation shutters, you are giving your home permission to “Go Ahead and Shine!”  Plantation shutters offer a clean, straightforward, and simplistic appeal to any room.  After deciding on the type of décor you want in each room, custom plantation shutters will fit in very well.  Utilize the strengths of each room in your home when you compliment them with plantation shutters.  The slat pattern will look virtually the same both inside your home and as guests approach from the outside.  With curtains or drapes, all you can see from the outside are their backs.  With custom plantation shutters, you’ll get the same clean lines outside as you will see inside the house.


Custom plantation shutters can also make the best use of small spaces.  Whereas curtains or drapes will almost always have some overhang (which is taking up some of your valuable space), when you buy plantation shutters, you’ll make the most of your available space as well as treat your home to another dose of style.


Once upon a time, people thought plantation shutters would only work well with traditional décor, but today, with more possibilities than ever before, they can work just as well with modern décor.  They can provide cover for an entire window, a partial window, or even a door.  Custom plantation shutters can be made for standard doors, sliding doors, and even French doors.  They can also be crafted for a window with a non-standard shape.

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Add Drama with Custom Drapes in Your ScottsdaleHome

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It’s hard to think of draperies without thinking about swooping, dramatic, classic sets of fabric hung opulently from large window openings. Even Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind knew that using drapes created drama for her wardrobe. You can have the same drama, minus the tears, in your own home when you choose to dress your windows with the classic and timeless look of custom drapes.

The elegance of draperies stems from the heavy yet flowing lengths of fabrics used to make these beautiful window treatments. If you aren’t sure draperies are for you then consider the following ways custom drapes can add drama.

  1. Covering large areas – Many homes old and new construction were built with large windows showcasing natural views. When you are finished enjoying your view you may find that the look of blinds and shades are just too blah for your taste. Choose custom drapes for your large windows in rooms where a stately and grand appearance is desired. Draperies are perfect for blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun during the brightest times of day.
  2. Fabrics – Draperies are designed with the fabric of your choice and can have added embellishments to increase their dramatic effect. Think velvets, metallics, or even silk materials for creating high-quality draperies that add an amazing feel of luxury to your home.
  3. Accessories – Tie-backs and decorative rods are the finishing touches when displaying your finished draperies. The drama of drapes can be diluted if the right ornate rod is not used with your drapes. When you wish to dramatically drape them open tie-backs also become a functional necessity.

To get started with designing your dramatic draperies contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale, AZ for accurate measurements and help with choosing the perfect fabrics and style. Call us for a free in-home consultation today.


Create a Perfect Look with Floating Pirouette Shades

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In ballet, a pirouette is a lovely and fluid move that exudes grace, balance, and beauty. In home decor, a pirouette shade also represents balance and beauty by incorporating sheer material and functional slats to create a stunning shade for your home or office. The vanes of these blinds appear to be floating as they keep the sun’s damaging rays from glaring through your windows. Pirouette shades are versatile and capable of adding sophistication to any space they are used in.

Versatility for any Window

Pirouette’s come in two size vanes making them a great fit for any size opening. Their cord is hidden making them safe and attractive no matter what room you put them in including those often visited by children and pets. Choose from a large variety of fabrics and colors to coordinate with the decor and design of your rooms and windows. Pirouettes are even great for hard to fit or extra large windows that may be difficult to dress with traditional blinds or shades.

Functionality at Its Best

Is the Scottsdale area the sun can be damaging and hard to block without the right light blocking window treatments. Pirouette shades provide outstanding UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays keeping your upholstery and carpets safe from fading. The fabric that pirouettes are made with can be darker sheers that help to filter out even more damaging rays while still allowing natural light shine in. When closed these shades block out all light creating a private atmosphere.

To see the look of custom pirouette window treatments contact a designer at Gallery of Shades. Our design consultants can help create the perfect look with stylish pirouettes for any window in your home or office. Call today to schedule your consultation.


Mini Blinds for Windows of All Shapes and Sizes!

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Gone are the days of tacky metallic mini-blinds for windows that dent easily and make plenty of noise going up and down. The array of colors and materials used to create custom mini blinds for windows today is sure to match any decor throughout your home and office. The simple design of a mini-blind is perfect alone or paired with valances, curtains, and drapes. To learn about the stylish options for mini blinds contact Gallery of Shades for a design consultation for help designing and choosing blinds that best suit your taste and style.

Minimalism Is In

Take a look at any interior design magazine or home show, and you will see that the clean and powerful lines of a minimalist decor are on trend right now. The classic look of mini blind window treatments can be found in multiple neutral shades and textures to give your room the perfect minimalist look. Mini blinds are also functional and can be room darkening as well as energy efficient. Add that classic, but modern finished look to your home’s decor with mini blinds.

Add to your Draperies

When your taste and style begs for a little more flare than blinds for window treatments. Add to your draperies and rods by choosing mini blinds that coordinate and compliment your curtains and drapes. Draperies can be lovely pulled back revealing amazing views from your windows. Mini blinds give the extra protection to block out light or reducing energy costs while still showcasing your drapes and curtains.

Complement your Valances

If you aren’t into the look of heavy drapes but need a little extra color and style than the minimal look of blinds then consider the addition of valances. Valances can be that perfect finishing touch to any room and are a great middle ground for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.  If you haven’t checked out mini blinds for windows now is a great time to see what Gallery of Shades can design for your home.


Skyline Panel Tracks for Large, Hard to Fit Windows & Doors

skyline panel tracks gallery of shades

Large beautiful windows have grown increasingly popular in new construction homes because of their stylish design and the open natural light they provide.  Unfortunately, these large openings can be difficult to find suitable window treatments to properly cover when your don’t want as much light or need some privacy.

Skyline Panel Tracks are a great option for large windows, French doors, or even sliding patio doors. Besides providing privacy, our Hunter Douglas Skyline Panel Tracks come in multiple designs and are easy to use. Before settling for coverings that are ill-fitting and far from your style see what our line of panel tracks has to offer.

Skyline Panel Tracks are made for large openings providing clean lines and easy to use panel tracks. Skyline Panel Tracks are made of vertical slats to glide across a track stacking up neatly when opened. They aren’t bulky or heavy like other vertical blinds can be.

Our panel tracks come in a variety of natural textures including wood and because Gallery of Shades offers so many material options they look beautiful in any living space. The clean lines of our panel tracks won’t distract from the rest of your decor while adding just the right amount a style to large and extra large openings.

Skyline panel tracks have quickly become a popular window treatment for those hard to fit window and door openings. Schedule an in-home consultation with Gallery of Shades to measure your large openings and let a design expert show you the look of our skyline panel tracks. Learn how panel tracks can allow in the natural light and help with your privacy after they have been installed.

Our consultants can help you decide if motorized tracks are right for your space while choosing the perfect texture and look for you. Call Gallery of Shades today.


Finials Are Timeless Window Treatment Accents

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Choosing your window treatments is just as personal as picking out your other home decor. Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale offers a large variety of window coverings and window treatment accents that gives you the opportunity to add your own taste and style to every room of your home.

For a different flair consider adding an extra decorative touch with window treatment accents like gorgeous and timeless, finials. Finials are beautiful decorative pieces added to the ends of curtain rods that give your drapes or curtains a fresh look that will dress up your treatments beautifully.

Our drapery treatments can be custom designed to coordinate and match with any room in your home. Draperies look beautiful alone or over shades like our extensive line of cellular shades or mini blinds. Rods with finials are a stylish and popular choice for any room. Finials can be chosen to add to the ends of drapery rods and come in every style perfect to suit your tastes and decor. The beauty of adding finials is that they can go with a classic look with fine details and elaborate designs or have a more modern sleek look depending on the look you are hoping to achieve.

Don’t settle for plain rods when you could showcase your draperies with beautiful and dramatic rods complete with decorative finials. Schedule a consultation with Gallery of Shades to design your draperies from our large selection of fabrics and designs. At the same time, we can help add the perfect finishing touch to drapery rods with finials that add just the right polish to any look you are hoping to achieve.

If you want to add your personal touch, are searching for something new and different yet has stood the test of time, contact Gallery of Shades for a consultation today.


Cordless Cellular Shades Offer Safety for a Child’s Room

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Shades can be a beautiful window treatment that also brings function into the equation. Shades allow you to open up a room with natural light, still allowing for privacy. Traditional shades are built with cords to raise, lower, and open and close slats.

Unfortunately, these cords can be a safety hazard if not closely monitored in the rooms of children. Cords can be a significant danger for children 3 years and younger with some estimates reporting that one child is harmed every two weeks from the cords used on traditional blinds. Gallery of Shades is pleased to offer a safe and functional option with cordless cellular shades.

More Reasons to Choose Cordless Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a unique way to keep your privacy while allowing natural light into your rooms. Cellulars have slats but they are totally covered with fine fabrics that let light in. Gallery of Shades is happy to come to your home for a consultation to measure and design custom cellulars for your child’s room.

The added bonus of our cellulars is that they come with a cordless option that eliminates the safety concern that cords can cause. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower our shades with ease. The absence of the cord is what makes our cordless cellular shades stylish and safe.

If the look and safety features of cordless shades aren’t enough then consider the energy efficient nature of our shades. Cellulars provide amazing insulation on your windows keeping rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We know your children’s safety and comfort is at the top of your priority list.

With this in mind and all of the benefits of cellular shades including temperature control, safety, and stylish design make cordless cellular shades a great option as window treatments for your child’s room.

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Soft Window Coverings Have Many Advantages

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Choices are abundant when choosing lightweight window coverings.  Each room in your home is different; each window in your home is different and is, therefore, subject to different needs.  How much light do you want to let into a room?  Which rooms of your home do you want to put forth a softer feel and conceal some light, yet you still want light to be gently exuded throughout the room?  Light diffusing window coverings, such as Silhouette Soft Window Coverings, is a good choice.

Benefits of Soft Window Coverings

If you want the privacy feature that blinds typically offer but would still like the softness that is provided by curtains, light-diffusing window coverings are a good choice.  Silhouette shades are:

  • Safe for children and pets
  • Proven to be an energy saver by being energy efficient
  • Available in many styles, colors, and textures
  • Beneficial in bringing a casual elegance to any room
  • Proficient in balancing a variety of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary

Lightweight window coverings can bring a sense of peace and security to your home, while, at the time same, infusing an elegant, yet comfortable tone to your indoor environment.

Why Choose Lightweight Window Coverings

You need to protect your home, your environment, and you, from 100 percent light (sun) all the time.  You need to reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home, especially in areas like Scottsdale and Phoenix, where the sun’s rays can, at times, become almost unbearable.  Light diffusing window coverings allow some light in while keeping a good portion of light out.  By diffusing the light that enters a room, it can disperse that light softly throughout the room, spreading it lightly and gently into even remote corners, while protecting the immediate vicinity of its entrance to harsh rays.

Whatever window coverings you desire for your home, let us provide you with information so you can make the most informed choices possible.  We understand window coverings are extremely important to your home’s decor.  It is our passion.  Give us a call today and let’s talk about a consultation.


For a Fresh Look Choose Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Vignette Modern Roman Shades gallery of shades

Fresh and uncluttered, when you buy vignette modern roman shades, you get a modern window covering with a traditional look.  Two of the best aspects of this type of shade include the fact that there are no cords that show and that the folds are consistent for a nice, clean look.


Vignette Modern Roman Shades are types of roman shades that will provide a unique style to your home.  This shade is available in a wide range of fabrics and colors.  Likewise, you can choose between “soft fold pleats” or a “flat fold” pleat.  It grants you the look of fabric, but it is lightweight and easy to operate.  It is called the “no cord look” because its cords tuck in nicely between the fabric and the lining; therefore, no cords can be seen, which gives this choice of modern roman shades a much more appealing design.


Soft fold pleats stack nicely on top of each other, providing the look of a soft and flowing valance with the shade open.  The flat fold is likened to a more contemporary look, where the rolled-up folds pile neatly into a fabric-wrapped rectangle.  These cordless window shades are highly functional as well as pleasing to the eye.


Vignette Modern Roman Shades are a great choice for bathroom windows because they offer the privacy of a top-down shade.  They can also be more easily used for windows where you may not be able to reach the top comfortably.  You also have the option of choosing Vignettes that can be motorized and operated by remote control.


This particular choice among types of roman shades provides such a wealth of options and customization that they can also be ideal for any room in your home.  For bedrooms and living rooms, they provide function with a built-in softness.  They can provide appeal to any décor in your home, thanks to a wide-ranging choice of materials and colors.

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