Skylight Shades Cut Down on Excessive Heat

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Skylights are wonderful inventions to let maximum light shine into your home.  However, with the brighter and more open feeling skylights can give a home, all that light can be detrimental when you’re talking about the oppressive heat many times associated with Scottsdale sunshine.  If you work at night (sleeping during the day), or you’re a light sleeper, or you just like to take a nap in the afternoon, the extra light can become an unwelcome companion.  Skylight shades can help ease those conditions.

Why have shades on skylights?  It might seem unnecessary, at first, to those who are first-time homeowners with a resource such as a skylight.  Soon, however, it will become apparent why shades for skylights will make it to the top of your priority list.

Benefits of Skylight Shades

As mentioned above, custom skylight shades can block out excessive heat from the Arizona summer sun and they can also reduce any glare reflected into your living room.  As well, they are:

  • Economical to purchase
  • Able to potentially reduce your energy costs
  • Easy to install
  • Easily removed
  • Made of material so as to allow the overhead view to remain

Another very prominent answer to the question, why have shades on skylights, is the fact that they can cut down on the wear and tear of furniture in the rooms below them.  The hot sun bearing down on interior furniture and carpets can be intensified through the use of a skylight, causing fading to occur.  Shades for skylights can eliminate this negative impact.

Custom skylight shades can also be made to fit nearly any type of skylight.  Skylights do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a match can be found or crafted to provide the solution you need for your home.

For times when you do want to enjoy the warmth of the sun, as well as the light, shades for skylights can be easily removed.  They are a convenient answer to helping skylights maintain all of their positive attributes, while offering solutions for some of the negatives that can occur.

Contact Gallery of Shades today for more information or an in-home consultation for custom shades.


Shade Your Summer with New Patio Shades

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As spring has sprung and the sunny days are longer, being outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunlight are top priorities in most households.  Whether watching the pretty spring flowers or watching the weather for those unpredictable spring showers, launching into a new season is part of the zest of life.  So it might seem strange to skip ahead and begin thinking about summer, but now is the perfect time to consider installing new patio shades to fully enjoy the summer months that are rapidly approaching.

While sunny days in spring can be energizing, sunny very hot summer days can sometimes be draining and dehydrating.  The blazing Arizona sun can make enjoying your outdoor spaces more difficult, and who wants to wait until after the sun has set to go outside and enjoy your yard?  Further, those sunny facing rooms inside the house can be just as unbearable in the summer sun without having to step foot outside.  Fortunately, patio shades can solve both of those problems at once!

Some worry that new patio shades will create a stifling environment – after all, who wants to sit in a stuffy, shaded space?  But Gallery of Shades new patio shades are made of breathable fabric which lets the breeze through, but keeps the weather out.  Weather resistant shades do more than protect you from the sun’s blazes – they protect your outdoor furniture as well.

How many times have you purchased a stunning cushion collection only to find it is sun bleached and unsightly by the end of the season?  Besides, who wants to keep running outside to bring in the cushions?  A patio shade solves the problem of functionality and aesthetics, not to mention saving money.

Outdoor living shades really turn a patch of patio tile into an outdoor living “room” to be enjoyed day or night.  Adding texture and color to your property, an outdoor living shade will also cool down the sun-facing rooms in your home, making it more comfortable inside your home as well to watch television, read a good book or visit with family and friends.  See how Gallery of Shades can help you prepare stylishly for the many warm days to come!


The Benefits of Custom Wood Blinds

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Choices for window treatments can seem infinite and difficult to choose from if you are in the midst of a remodel or redecorating your home or office. Besides just choosing what type of treatment from blinds to shades or drapes there are also choices to make about material and textures for each window treatment. For many of us, these multiple options can feel overwhelming and it can be impossible to choose. Custom wood blinds are a stylish and an easy choice to make if you want classic lines with functionality. If you’re not the type of person that knows exactly what you want or you’re not sure what the best options are for your needs we can help by giving you the top benefits of using wood blinds.

Benefits of Choosing Wood Blinds

  • They look beautiful on their own. No need to add curtains or swags unless you have that design in mind. Wood blinds are a beautiful window treatment available in many natural shades, vibrant colors, and varnishes.
  • Long-lasting and Durable. Real or Faux wood blinds will hold their shape and function for a lifetime. They won’t tear up as easily as cheap mini blinds.
  • They are lightweight. Wood blinds tend to get a bad rap for being heavy and awkward to raise up and down. On the contrary, wood blinds are lightweight and easy for everyone to raise or lower.
  • They can help regulate room temps. Wood blinds are a great way to insulate windows and keep heat or cold from the outside. Keeping your room nice and cozy.
  • Custom wood blinds provide far more privacy than traditional mini blinds. The heavier and thicker slats prevent others from looking in and won’t show silhouettes like other blinds.

To learn more about the beauty of wood blinds and discuss custom options for your windows call Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale, AZ.


Stylish Options in Custom Bedroom Window Treatments

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Your bedroom is much like a sanctuary for peaceful sleep, rest, and relaxation. While other rooms in your home have specific jobs attached to them, your bedroom is truly a haven for re-centering your thoughts and recharging your body. For a bedroom to really embody all of these positive traits, the design and layout of the room should encompass qualities that encourage this relaxation and rest. Custom bedroom window treatments should allow you to filter out light, ensure privacy, all while looking good all while complementing your choice of furnishings and floor coverings.

Stay Classic with Curtains and Sheer Panels

Gallery of Shades specializes in custom window treatments for all windows including those that are non-traditional in shape and size. We are happy to offer an in-home consultation to help you select the perfect style of treatment to best fit your window as well as your personal style. Popular choices for bedrooms are classic sheer panels and curtains with ornate and beautiful rods for installation. Curtains or drapes and sheer combinations give you the perfect mix of privacy while allowing natural light in your room. To increase privacy simply pull curtains or drapes closed to allow soft filtered light in pull back curtains while leaving sheer panels closed allowing light in.

Go Modern with Roman Shades

Roman shades offer much of the same benefits as curtains but provide a modern look of minimalism for those with a trendier style. The clean lines of roman shades stay true to modern form as these shades are traditionally installed within the window frame. Roman shades can keep out light and provide privacy much like curtains and can be raised or lowered to adjust the amount of light allowed in your bedroom. Roman shades can be designed from fabrics in all colors, patterns, and textures. If curtains don’t seem like the right fit for your interior design it may be the right time to look into roman shades for your perfect custom bedroom window treatments.

If you have an idea in mind for your custom bedroom window treatments, contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today. A design consultant will come to your home and discuss your options with you and help you choose the best look for your room.

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Customizing Your Door Covering for a Unique Look

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Have you had trouble deciding the best way to dress the windows on your doors? The doors of your home can be showpieces with some very stylish and beautiful window treatments. No matter what type of door covering you need for your patio, French, or entryway doors, Gallery of Shades can help you decide on the perfect type of covering for your windows. We offer vertical blinds, cellular shades, curtains, and drapes all designed to cover and protect your windows while remaining true to your personal style or design without compromise.

What are some popular window treatments for doors?

  • Cellular Shades French doors can be troublesome when it is time to choose a window treatment. Cellular shades can be a perfect choice for these doors that contain multiple glass panels. Cellular shades are lightweight and allow some light to filter in even when pulled which makes them perfect for darker rooms that can make use of the natural light. Cellular shades also work nicely for entry doors with single windows.
  • Vertical Blinds These blinds are a popular option for patio doors. Vertical blinds are easy to open and close and can be adjusted to control the amount of light that comes in. Our vertical blinds can be purchased in multiple color options, natural fibers, and fabrics.
  • Wood Blinds or shutters Blinds can easily be installed over windows on any doors including French, entry, and patio doors. These versatile window treatments are easy to adjust for light control and also come in multiple colors and materials.
  • Curtains and Drapes If you haven’t looked at curtains or drapes lately they are as stylish and as easy to install as ever. Hanging curtains and drapes is often completed in creative ways so as to display the beauty of the curtains without disrupting the functionality of doors.

For more design hints and tips about window treatments on your doors Gallery of Shades is waiting to assist you. Gallery of Shades is happy to provide in-home consultations to choose the door covering for your home.

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What Are Custom Roller Shades?

Custom Roller Shades Hunter Douglas Gallery of Shades Scottsdale AZ

Looking for a stylish and classic design for window coverings? If you have not considered the option of custom roller shades you may want to give them a closer look. Roller shades are a design well known for ease of use and durability. If you aren’t sure what roller shades are or the multiple options available it is well worth your time to have a look at Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale, AZ.

For many customers, roller shades bring back memories of cheap vinyl pull shades. Gone are the days of those retro throw-away window treatments. Our roller shades come in a large variety of textures and materials and are a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office. Roller shades are an attractive option for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Functionality, there are no cords or pulleys.
  • Flexibility, they can easily be adjusted to control the amount of light allowed in your room.
  • Fashionable, Gallery of Shades has multiple materials, textures, colors, and patterns to choose from.

Roller shades, like all of our window treatments, can be custom designed and made to fit your windows. The main function of roller shades is to control the amount of light that enters the room from the outdoors. Your choice of material can help prevent damage from UV rays to your floors and furniture. We even offer a blackout option that can be paired with roller shades made of a material that allows in small amounts of light. Roller shades are easy to install and even easier to use. With a gentle pull, you can raise shades up or down allowing the perfect amount of light to shine inside your home. No matter what your decor might be now, we can make roller shades to reflect your personal style with our many beautiful fabric options.

Contact Gallery of Shades for a free consultation to design and create your new custom roller shades today.



Selecting the Right Custom Blinds Makes a Difference

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So you’ve finally decided to gift your windows with a new treatment.  How exciting!  But then doubt sets in.  How will you pick the right kind of custom blinds for your taste and your needs?  Isn’t it too expensive to do custom blinds?  What if you make a mistake?  If you’re ready to get started and don’t know where to begin, read on for some tips on picking the right blinds for your individual treatments.

Think about how thick the slats need to be.  Believe it or not, this can really help you narrow down your choices!  Look at the styles of window treatments in décor magazines and note what attracts you.  If you like an old-world style, those larger slats (2 inches) are probably going to be more attractive to you.  Are you trying to create a more commercial look with vertical blinds or a cozier feel with Roman shades?

Consider your budget.  While you might love a certain style, a more common compromise (say, one-inch slats instead of 2-inch slats) may fit into your budget better. Do you need to stick with neutrals so that you get the most out of your choice?  Don’t be afraid to check into some of the better faux choices, particularly when it comes to wooden blinds, which look so glamorous but can be pricey.  Get that organic feel without the big price tag with a fabulous fake!

Consider the use of your room.  Think about how you actually live in the room you’re designing.  Where are the reading areas?  Are there sliding glass doors?  Where does the afternoon and morning sun come in?  Remember, the room probably isn’t going to stay the same color it is now for the rest of your life, so think about matching your treatments to a color scheme that works well with a variety of colors – unless, of course, you’re going for a powerful “pop” of color that makes a statement!  Be very intentional in your choices.

It seems as though there are so many choices that we can hardly pick anything!  Don’t let the many beautiful options for window treatments frighten you away from picking the perfect design for your home.


Playing with Light With Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

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If you are in the mood to redecorate or want to enhance the mood of your home, then the lighting in your rooms should be one of your first considerations.  Everything from the lamps you keep to your window treatments plays a role in setting the stage for the enjoyment of your home.

As you go about making your design decisions, the first thing to question is how much privacy you want.  A sliding glass door may be a wonderful advantage, but when the weather is cooler and some of the bushes aren’t quite as full, do you have a privacy problem?  Once your privacy needs are determined, then you are ready to play with light in your window treatments.

Yes, a great way to change the lighting in your room is to do a quick swap of a lampshade!  But a more clever and longer lasting effect can be achieved with the kinds of shades or blinds choose.  Wood, for example, brings an earthier feel to a room and light can be filtered through blinds with sleek slats. Maybe a woven fabric shade giving a nubby look where light will come through the shade in a more dappled way is the right choice for your space.  If you want to control the light, you always have an option to add a lining.  If you want to block the sun more directly, then a beautiful Roman shade can do the trick quickly and stylishly.

One of the best methods of controlling light comes from Hunter Douglas window treatments.  Hunter Douglas can even create vertical shades in a wide array of materials – even sheer fabrics!  While some people may be concerned with the pricing, in terms of blinds, the truth is you really do get what you pay for.  We have all had those moments when we didn’t pay much only to see the cat break the ends of the cheap, plastic blinds a couple of days later!  But quality is not the only concern here.  Some products may come from countries with little to no regulation when it comes to, for example, lead content!

Treat yourself to a customized experience with a Hunter Douglas design professional who can give you the best recommendations for your setting with custom Hunter Douglas window treatments at a price point that works and quality that is above question.


Choosing the Best Custom Window Treatments for Your Home

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Custom window treatments are just as personal as the clothes you wear or your accessories. Deciding which window treatments to use will undoubtedly vary from room to room and depend on a variety of factors including climate, location, and priorities such as aesthetics and functionality. Before deciding on blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, etc. consider the following before selecting or designing window treatments for your home.


Blinds are functional, provide privacy, and are relatively easy to install and keep clean. Depending on your needs, mini blinds or wood/faux wood blinds are great options and come in a wide variety of colors, shades, and textures. Choosing wood blinds from natural textures such as bamboo is part of the fun in the design process. Wood blinds also provide extra privacy and insulation from heat and cold as well as control the light that enters the room. Vertical blinds are perfect for patio doors and provide the same privacy, light control, and insulation.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains have the advantage of easily covering windows and openings of all shapes and sizes without being too expensive. If your needs include total light blocking or extra insulation, curtains and drapes are a great option with blackout varieties and heavy fabrics designed to insulate windows. Designing curtains and drapes using beautiful and stylish fabrics to fit in with any decor and floor design in your home will provide a sense of luxury and comfort.


Shades are a nice compromise between curtains and blinds as they allow you to control light in the room but are a soft window treatment. Blinds give you more control over the light allowed in the room because the slats can be adjusted but are harder and bulkier than shades. Shades are one continuous line that can be raised or lowered to suit your needs. Shades are made from a lighter material such as fabric much like curtains.

While all of these window treatments are quite lovely, each serves a functional purpose and gives a room a different feel. For more style ideas and suggestions for your home schedule a consultation with Gallery of Shades. We’ll help you design the custom window treatments that best fit your needs.


Customize Your Home Décor Look on a Budget

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Home renovations can be quite expensive.  There are so many options from flooring to paint, and of course the things we seem to like best turn out to be the most expensive!  If you are looking to make a big impact with less cash, then why not try one of these budget friendly tricks for your home decor?

Go Faux.  If you love the look of a certain kind of flooring but cannot afford it, why not fake it?  With a couple of cans of paint, you can create that Chevron design you crave! Or transform an old piece of furniture into a real conversation piece.  With so many DIY projects on the Internet, there is very little you can’t do yourself, so long as you have access to a few supplies!  Chances are, you’ll find you love your own looks even more anyway.

Be Thrifty.  People love to upgrade and renovate their living spaces.  This means there are lots of really great deals to find on everything from flooring to furniture, if you just look!  Lots of antique and second-hand stores carry everything from old drawer pulls to barn wood that can be repurposed into furniture.  Make it an adventure!  In return you will create a look that is truly unique and speaks to your style.

Customize Your Shades.  If you want to change the look of a room entirely, go for the blinds.  Customized your window treatments can change the look of the entire room.  If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, work with a pro at Gallery of Shades to determine an innovative window treatment design that fits your budget!  Custom window treatments can block the glare of the sun, insulate your home and still be super stylish.

Whatever the home decor look you wish to achieve, you really can have both design and price point if you do a little research first! Contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today for a free in-home window treatment consultation.

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