Motorized Vignette Roman Shades with PowerView by Hunter Douglas

Vignette-Roman-Shades-PowerView-Hunter Douglas

Motorized Vignette roman shades offer flexibility, convenience and sophistication to any room in your home. By motorizing your shades, your home will have increased security and temperature control. Motorized options extend the life of your shades by eliminating the wear and tear you have with manual shades. Shades are operated through an app on your phone or a remote control.

Shades that are motorized make your home or workspace energy efficient. If also provides a safety component since there are no cords for pets or small children to come in contact with. Motorized shades also enable clients to adjust their ambiance easily and make certain rooms private quickly.

Gallery of Shades works closely with the market leaders for motorization of window treatments. Schedule your free in home consultation and let our experts give you the best option to meet your needs.


Custom Kitchen Window Coverings to Spruce Up Your Holidays

kitchen window coverings scottsdale gallery of shades

A custom kitchen treatment can be a quick way to spruce up your kitchen just in time for the holidays.  With family and friends sure to gather in your home, the kitchen is one of the favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee and a homemade treat.  Catch up on conversation in a kitchen with newly appointed kitchen window coverings.

Custom Kitchen Valance

A kitchen valance is popular among kitchen window coverings for its endless potential.  You can switch up your custom kitchen valance to work on its own or simultaneously with another type of window covering.  A custom kitchen valance is almost always going to be the “standout” in the combination because it plays an important role at the top of your window.

Choose the Right Fabric

Kitchen window coverings can add warmth to the room, making it an even more inviting place to sit and chat for a while, catching up on “old times.”  Choosing the right fabric with the right degree of durability can be very important, especially if the window to be covered gets a lot of sun or is close to the oven, which could deliver the possibility of greasy elements getting absorbed into the fabric.  The fabric selected for your kitchen window coverings should be one that can weather the events that take place in a kitchen, be easily cleaned, and won’t fade or become “worn-looking” easily.  If a fabric’s care is easy on maintenance, it can be a good choice for kitchen window treatments.

Kitchen Shades

The window’s shape and size also need to be taken into consideration when planning for kitchen window coverings.  Kitchen shades come in a plethora of options, including sizes and colors.  With the right custom kitchen valance on top, you can have all the stylish warmth you want in your kitchen area.  You can also choose to let in as much, or as little, light as you wish for each time of day.

Call us at Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today and let us help you customize your kitchen with your favorite window coverings to ring in the upcoming holidays with joy and happiness.

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Custom Vertical Blinds Add a High Degree of Performance

custom vertical blinds gallery of shades scottsdale

Custom vertical blinds are perhaps one of the most stylish window coverings you can purchase that also offer a high degree of energy efficiency and functionality for your home.  They can provide many benefits to a home, along with their classy look.  Custom vertical blinds provide protection for your furniture from the sun, along with their ease to clean and maintain.

Large Windows

Much of today’s new construction focuses on larger window openings, providing better access to outdoor views, while also providing the ability to let more light into a room.  This option gives homeowners more choices when it comes to how much of the outside view they want to let in as well as sunlight.  When living in Arizona, that sunlight can often be very hot as well as damaging to furniture and carpets in its path.

The heat of the often-harsh Arizona sun can make it unbearable to live in a room with large windows UNLESS you have the right custom vertical blinds to help that room block out excessive heat.  It is great to be able to see outside, but there will likely also be times when you will want to close the blinds to keep the outside … out.  Install vertical blinds in Scottsdale for a customizable and convenient solution.

Wide Variety Of Choices

Custom vertical blinds can be found in a huge array of choices, from colors and fabrics to types and patterns.  This wide range of alternatives will help you buy vertical blinds in Scottsdale that will be able to suit every taste and every need for every room in your home.  You can also choose these stylish window coverings to block out as much, or as little, sunlight as you want at certain times of the day.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Custom vertical blinds can represent a home very well with their sense of style and beauty, as well as provide great functionality to every room.  Beyond that, they have even more benefits:  they are easy to clean and repair (if they should need it).  You do not need instructions to clean your stylish window coverings.  You simply wipe them down and they are good-to-go.  They can also last a long time and “if” one of the louvres happens to get broken or need repair, it can be done by just replacing that one specific louvre; you won’t need to purchase a whole new set of vertical blinds.

While many reasons exist to buy vertical blinds in Scottsdale, perhaps the best reason is the aesthetic beauty they can bring to each room in your home.


In Home Design Consultation Can Help Your Decision Process

in home design consultation gallery of shades scottsdale

What better way to choose Scottsdale window treatments than to have the display showroom brought directly to your home?  It’s a chance see for yourself, right in your own home, which colors, material types, and designs will enrich your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality the best.  An in-home design consultation can help point out various combinations and styles to help you make the best decisions for the look and feel of custom window treatments in Scottsdale for your home.

The Heart Of The Family Is Home

Your home is where your heart is.  It’s where you and your family go to relax, unwind, feel comfortable, and feel safe. Each room is different; why shouldn’t each window treatment be exactly what you want it to be?  With in-home design and customization to your specific needs, your custom window coverings can help each room in your home provide the appeal, comfort, and level of efficiency you desire.

Making The Decisions

With that said, it can be overwhelming trying to make these important decisions by yourself.  Our design consultants have the experienced backgrounds that can help you assess all the possibilities from different perspectives.  When crafting an in-home design for the perfect window treatments for your home, we can help you look at the wide range of potential that each type of window covering might be able to offer to your home.

Custom Window Solutions

Your custom window treatments in Scottsdale can answer many questions.  You will need to look at each room in your home with an objective eye.  How many windows are in each room?  What are their sizes?  How much light comes through them?  How much light, and heat, do you want to come through them?  The variety of Scottsdale window treatments are as diverse as the people who call a house their home.  Not only do you want to optimize and maximize the potential of each window in your home, you will want it to reflect well on the theme, tone, and colors of the rooms where they are located.

At Gallery of Shades, our goal is to provide our customers with every opportunity for not only high-quality products but high-quality service as well.  Contact us today and let us help you create the ideal solution for all your window covering needs.


Custom Pleated Shades Work Well Within a Budget

custom pleated shades gallery of shades

Custom pleated shades can maximize the potential of either a large window or a small one; they are beautifully compatible with the sizes and needs of both.  They can be complementary to the theme or design of any room.  While working well in small areas, such as a bathroom, they are just as at-home in a living room or breakfast nook.  They are versatile window coverings that are stylish and efficient on a budget.

Ability To Manipulate With Ease

A unique aspect of custom pleated shades is that you can manipulate them either from the top up or the bottom down.  This maneuverability lends itself well to those rooms where you may deem it more pleasurable to have a bottom portion of a window covered while letting light come in at the top or through the middle of the window.

Great For Offices, Too!

Pleated shades are affordable window treatments, whether they are purchased to enhance your home or business.  A comfortable and energy-efficient work area is just as important as it is in your home.  Pleated shades are crafted from a continuous piece of lightweight fabric that enables them to either be fully folded up or fully expanded to bring the desired amount of light into a room.  Custom pleated shades are flexible options, bringing a number of versatile alternatives to the windows they cover and the rooms they decorate.

Customization Counts

Custom pleated shades can be designed to meet the needs of windows in your home or office.  When you allow us to bring our design studio into your home for a free consultation, we will listen to your needs as you describe the end results you are looking for in window treatments.  We will then help you visualize the solution that can complement your home and meet those needs.

Give Gallery of Shades a call today to schedule an appointment.  We offer free in-home design consultations to provide you with the chance to view the type of versatile window coverings, as well as the colors and fabrics, that will serve your needs best in your home or business.  There’s nothing quite like getting a real-time glimpse of what custom pleated shades can bring to the interior or your home or business.


Using Dining Room Curtains for your Redesign

dining room curtains gallery of shades scottsdale

Are you remodeling your dining room?  Have you chosen an updated color of paint for your walls and settled on your next table and chair set?  What about overhead lighting?  The next step will be your choice of dining room window coverings.  Get your notepad and pen out because choices are abundant when it comes to choosing window coverings and dining room curtains are a beautiful choice!

Curtains and Curtain Rods

Curtains can be short or long; they can be casual or dressy, modern or traditional, and virtually anything in between.  This wide range of options gives you creative flexibility when planning a dining room redesign.  Colors, fabrics, materials, patterns – it’s a wonderful feeling of excitement when you get to make decisions that will affect your new dining room and you have all these possibilities at your fingertips.  When looking at new curtains for dining room design, don’t overlook the curtain rods.  They are a very important component to the overall window dressing.  Curtain rods can be smooth, patterned, decorative, classy, traditional, or playful – or perhaps a combination of all these.  Be sure your choice is going to fit well with the other elements you choose for your new dining room.  Also ensure that your curtain rod of choice is going to work well with the style of curtains you choose.

Customized Curtains

Deciding on the option of custom dining room curtains for your home can offer you many benefits.  You can create a tailored look that will match your window’s size, as well as the rest of your decorative dining room choices.  Do you want a sheer curtain on the inside as well?  Do you want a lined or an unlined curtain?  How much light do you want to allow into your new dining room?  When customizing, you’re in charge of all the decisions.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top curtains can offer a wide appeal from designing casual elegance to creating a free-spirit, free-flowing theme into your dining room redesign.  Tab Top curtains are easy to decorate with, to clean, and they offer great flexibility in designing and shaping a room.  Choosing a curtain rod for this type of curtains is also an essential piece of the overall design or theme you are creating for your new dining room so choose carefully.

You’re redesigning your dining room – have fun!  Now is your chance to try a myriad of possibilities to see which ones are going to fit with your style best.  Call Gallery of Shades today for a free consultation on custom dining room curtains or send us a note online.


Get Creative with Bathroom Window Treatments

bathroom window treatments Gallery of Shades Scottsdale

Bathrooms can be sensitive areas to decorate and you may spend a little more time when choosing bathroom window treatments.  Bathrooms are going to typically have less space than other rooms in the home so you need to be careful and practical in your choices.  Choosing the right custom bathroom shades or bathroom shutters requires due consideration.

Functional, Practical, yet Beautiful Shades 

You can also have a little more fun with your bathroom window treatments because they often allow a certain amount of creative freedom.  Roman shades in a bathroom window can be practical and functional, providing you with the ability to control the natural light that flows into your bathroom.  Custom bathroom shades allow for an even greater degree of freedom when addressing the aesthetic look of your bathroom.  Custom bathroom shades can come in a wide variety of colors and materials.  One very important deciding factor to keep in mind when choosing a fabric for an area with potentially high moisture and high traffic is to choose one that can be cleaned easily and that resists mildew well.

Shutters for Every Room

Many sizes, shapes, colors, stains, and finishes can accompany shutters when you choose them for a room in your home.  They are virtually at home in any room of your house.  Faux shutters work really well as bathroom shutters due to their ability to play well in rooms with a high moisture content.  You can also help craft the look you want due to the variety of available louver sizes.  Gallery of Shades works with some of the most well-known companies in the country for designing custom bathroom shutters.  They can easily be as practical, functional, and unobtrusive in dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms as they are in bathrooms.  Shutters provide extra benefits because they are energy-efficient, durable, and won’t crack, fade, warp, or peel.

Selected by HomeAdvisor as a Top Rated company, Gallery of Shades will be pleased to provide you with a free consultation.  Call or schedule an appointment online today.


Buy Plantation Shutters for Added Value to Your Home

buy plantation shutters scottsdale gallery of shades

Your home is one-of-a-kind.  Naturally, you want your window coverings to be sensational and flow well with the rest of your home’s décor.  Custom plantation shutters are an obvious choice because they will add to the style of your home and help beautify it.  When you buy plantation shutters they add value to your home as well because they are a classy choice of window covering that everyone will appreciate.


When you buy plantation shutters, you are giving your home permission to “Go Ahead and Shine!”  Plantation shutters offer a clean, straightforward, and simplistic appeal to any room.  After deciding on the type of décor you want in each room, custom plantation shutters will fit in very well.  Utilize the strengths of each room in your home when you compliment them with plantation shutters.  The slat pattern will look virtually the same both inside your home and as guests approach from the outside.  With curtains or drapes, all you can see from the outside are their backs.  With custom plantation shutters, you’ll get the same clean lines outside as you will see inside the house.


Custom plantation shutters can also make the best use of small spaces.  Whereas curtains or drapes will almost always have some overhang (which is taking up some of your valuable space), when you buy plantation shutters, you’ll make the most of your available space as well as treat your home to another dose of style.


Once upon a time, people thought plantation shutters would only work well with traditional décor, but today, with more possibilities than ever before, they can work just as well with modern décor.  They can provide cover for an entire window, a partial window, or even a door.  Custom plantation shutters can be made for standard doors, sliding doors, and even French doors.  They can also be crafted for a window with a non-standard shape.

You can feel confident in your selections when working with Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale.  Not only is our mission to offer customers personalized service and quality products, we have been recognized by HomeAdvisor with a high rating for excellence.  Call today for a free consultation or schedule online!


Add Drama with Custom Drapes in Your ScottsdaleHome

custom drapes gallery of shades scottsdale

It’s hard to think of draperies without thinking about swooping, dramatic, classic sets of fabric hung opulently from large window openings. Even Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind knew that using drapes created drama for her wardrobe. You can have the same drama, minus the tears, in your own home when you choose to dress your windows with the classic and timeless look of custom drapes.

The elegance of draperies stems from the heavy yet flowing lengths of fabrics used to make these beautiful window treatments. If you aren’t sure draperies are for you then consider the following ways custom drapes can add drama.

  1. Covering large areas – Many homes old and new construction were built with large windows showcasing natural views. When you are finished enjoying your view you may find that the look of blinds and shades are just too blah for your taste. Choose custom drapes for your large windows in rooms where a stately and grand appearance is desired. Draperies are perfect for blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun during the brightest times of day.
  2. Fabrics – Draperies are designed with the fabric of your choice and can have added embellishments to increase their dramatic effect. Think velvets, metallics, or even silk materials for creating high-quality draperies that add an amazing feel of luxury to your home.
  3. Accessories – Tie-backs and decorative rods are the finishing touches when displaying your finished draperies. The drama of drapes can be diluted if the right ornate rod is not used with your drapes. When you wish to dramatically drape them open tie-backs also become a functional necessity.

To get started with designing your dramatic draperies contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale, AZ for accurate measurements and help with choosing the perfect fabrics and style. Call us for a free in-home consultation today.


Create a Perfect Look with Floating Pirouette Shades

pirouette shades gallery of shades scottsdale

In ballet, a pirouette is a lovely and fluid move that exudes grace, balance, and beauty. In home decor, a pirouette shade also represents balance and beauty by incorporating sheer material and functional slats to create a stunning shade for your home or office. The vanes of these blinds appear to be floating as they keep the sun’s damaging rays from glaring through your windows. Pirouette shades are versatile and capable of adding sophistication to any space they are used in.

Versatility for any Window

Pirouette’s come in two size vanes making them a great fit for any size opening. Their cord is hidden making them safe and attractive no matter what room you put them in including those often visited by children and pets. Choose from a large variety of fabrics and colors to coordinate with the decor and design of your rooms and windows. Pirouettes are even great for hard to fit or extra large windows that may be difficult to dress with traditional blinds or shades.

Functionality at Its Best

Is the Scottsdale area the sun can be damaging and hard to block without the right light blocking window treatments. Pirouette shades provide outstanding UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays keeping your upholstery and carpets safe from fading. The fabric that pirouettes are made with can be darker sheers that help to filter out even more damaging rays while still allowing natural light shine in. When closed these shades block out all light creating a private atmosphere.

To see the look of custom pirouette window treatments contact a designer at Gallery of Shades. Our design consultants can help create the perfect look with stylish pirouettes for any window in your home or office. Call today to schedule your consultation.