New High-Tech Motorized Shades for Your Window Treatments

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Window treatments have gone high-tech, along with just about everything else these days, so why not take advantage of all the new technology you can?  Gallery of Shades offers Hunter Douglas motorized shades for your window treatments.  Recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, PowerView® Motorized shades and blinds can simplify your life.

With motorization that allows you to adjust your window treatments with the mere touch of a finger, you have more control than ever before over opening, closing, and adjusting your shades or blinds throughout the day or night to just the right place you need them to be.  This technology can allow your home another degree of energy efficiency.

The PowerView 

You can download the PowerView App for Apple® or Android™ devices.  Besides just swiping your finger to adjust your window treatments, you can also create customized maneuvers that can be automated to set positions throughout the day.  You know how much sunlight a room gets through the windows in that room.  You also know the basic purpose for which that room is used and, now, you can adjust the lighting in the room to your desired setting.  You can even schedule customized settings, or “Scenes,” to coincide with the daily sunrise or sunset.


You can also use the PowerView system of motorization for shades or blinds with a Pebble Remote Control, if you wish.  The Pebble Remote Control is a new generation remote control, whereby you can preset up to six different groups of window treatments to operate at your command.  It is ergonomically designed and available in a wide array of colors to coordinate with the décor of any room.

The Pebble Scene Controller lets you operate pre-programmed “Scenes” whenever you wish.  Once your settings are as desired and you have configured them how you want your motorized shades and blinds to operate, you can control and schedule them through use of the PowerView App.  Voice commands from Amazon devices will also work.  As well, expect another innovative achievement to come along soon:the Apple Homekit™.

Take control of the window treatments in your home through use of new high-tech developments, such as motorized shades and blinds. Contact Gallery of Shades today to learn more.


Why Choose Bamboo Window Treatments?

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Bamboo window treatments are becoming increasingly one of the most favored materials when it comes to today’s design styles, but there’s more to this material than an amazing look. This type of material for window coverings offers benefits you may not have previously considered. Take a look at a few now.

  • Heat and Humidity Are No Match: Bamboo thrives pretty naturally in wet, tropical places. As a result, going with bamboo shades is a great choice even for those spaces like the kitchen and bathroom where heat and humidity are going to happen on a regular basis. They’re easy to clean, and they look amazing, no matter what your decor style is in these areas.
  • They Redefine Light: If you want some filtered light in a space but you value your privacy, bamboo is the ideal option. Because the texture means some light is going to get in, you’ll find a perfect balance of natural lighting and minimized views from the outside. If you need to add a little more privacy to the equation, just add a blackout liner to the equation to get the look you want.
  • They’re Durable: The last thing you want is to have to change window coverings every time you change styles, and bamboo offers a versatility few other materials can. What’s more, though, is that it’s an incredibly durable material, so even if you’re worried about wear and tear before you decide to renovate a given room, you can trust in the fact that they’ll look gorgeous well into the future.

First used more than 5,000 years ago, bamboo has a long history, but even with that, it’s still one of the most popular materials available today. Bamboo window treatments are ideal in many different situations. No matter what room of your home or what style you’re working to complement, these are the right choice. Contact Gallery of Shades to learn more about bamboo shades and how they can fit in your home.


French Door Coverings Don’t Have to Be Complex

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French doors are the ideal architectural choice for many reasons. They offer light where other doors block it, they come in many different designs and materials choices, and they can actually increase the value of a home. That doesn’t mean they aren’t without their problems, though. In addition to great benefits like those, they also come with one big drawback – the right french door coverings. What might work for your French doors? Here are three great options.

  • Blinds for French Doors: Blinds on your French doors are the perfect way to control the light in a given area. The option you choose should have a setting you love before you select it. Whether you want a traditional wood blind or something a bit more modern, make sure you find one that fits well beneath the handle as well as one that matches your decor.
  • French Door Curtains: Whether you hope to add some transparency with gathered sheers or you’re looking for a bolder pop with a print, French door curtains are a great way to help accent your doors, but create a level of privacy you really want. You can choose from two panels, one on each door, or an offset panel that allows you to cover them entirely when you need additional privacy.
  • French Door Shutters: Light control and energy efficiency in one package. Is it possible? Absolutely, thanks to French door shutters. Those glass panels that make French doors so attractive can create real issues, but with the right shutters, you’ll get a durable window covering that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Window coverings for your French doors don’t have to be complex. Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home consultation, and together, we’ll come up with that perfect window treatment for your French Doors.


Window Treatment Ideas That Show Off Your Creativity

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Whether you’re shopping for a window treatment that helps to protect your privacy or you want something that allows you to control exactly how much light gets into a room, the last thing you want is an off-the-shelf solution virtually everyone else has introduced to their homes. How can you get the perfect window treatment without a case of the blahs? Take a look at a few creative window treatment ideas you should try now.

  • Patterned Shades: Looking for an option that will really stand out? Patterned shades are the ideal choice for a variety of different reasons. They can be designed to fit almost any decor, they can help other elements achieve the pop you were hoping for, and they’re easy to install. If you can dream up a pattern that will look great with your room, we can help you find it.
  • Bold Colors: Often when you think of bold colors, you tend to think of a piece of furniture or art that will help enhance a room. You rarely think of window treatments, but that’s exactly where you should be thinking. They’re a great way to add to the spice of a given area or accentuate your beautiful windows. They might also be the vibrant touch the rest of the room needs to shine.
  • Prints, Stripes, or Both: An essential part of any window treatment choice is going with a fabric or style you absolutely love. If the choice is too heavy, you’re going to want to redecorate in the near future. If the choice is too unnoticed, you may not get the feel you really want. When you choose an option like prints or stripes, you’re going to get the best of both worlds – a choice that draws attention to your windows and complements the room, but one that isn’t so bold as to create that need to redecorate in the near future.
  • Color Blocks: Alternated colors in your window treatments create some unity you may not find with other choices. They’re interesting, yet play to other elements of the room. You can also use the color blocks with options like accent pillows and rugs to help achieve the look you want.

No matter which of these window treatment ideas you select, you’re certain to create that perfect feel. Unique window coverings can serve as a great centerpiece, and we can help you with window treatment ideas for any room in your home. Contact us at Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today to learn more or to schedule a free in-home design consultation.


Soft Roman Shades Are Elegant and Classy

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For a formal, classy look and feel to a room, soft Roman shades are a great choice.  They offer a subtle elegance to any room in your home that you want to have a formal touch, such as a dining room or living room.  They are also a good choice for bedrooms that want a hint of class and dressiness in appearance when you want elegance to rule.

What Are Soft Roman Shades?

A Roman shade is a window covering made from a single piece of fabric that can then be folded into panels or pleated.  It can easily be raised or lowered with a cord system in place, with rings sewn into the back of the fabric.  It provides the look of a seamless transition when raising or lowering the panels; they move smoothly and effortlessly into fabric stacks of even horizontal folds.  They can give each room a classy look, while at the same time also providing great functionality.  The aesthetic appeal of custom Roman shades in Scottsdale can do wonders for a room.

Soft and Smooth

This soft and flowing window covering is different from a typical shade in that, when it is opened, it provides a fluid and visibly smooth appearance, showcasing no bumpiness or “ribbed” effect as some vertical shades can have.  While blocking out the sun’s rays, roman shades in Scottsdale also provide privacy. Custom Roman shades can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns, in opaque or sheer fabrics.  They can, therefore, be purchased in a style to complement virtually any room’s décor.

Care and Cleaning

Roman shades window treatments are made of lightweight fabrics that are easy to clean with just a duster for light dusting, or they can be lightly vacuumed for a little heavier dust.  For shades that provide such an elegant look, they are quite easy to care for.  Using the cord system, no loose or dangling cords will constantly need to be looked after either.

Soft Roman shades are the ideal answer to any room in your home where you want to add a touch of graceful formality and a soft, comforting feeling.  Call us today to schedule an in-home appointment.  We will be happy to bring our showcase of colors, designs, and patterns into your home to help you visualize the look you want.


Custom Faux Wood Blinds Better in Scottsdale Heat

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The look of wood is luxurious, but real wood blinds can be expensive.  When you buy faux wood blinds, you can get the same look as real wood, but the cost is easier on your budget.  Why?  Because custom faux wood blinds can be constructed of wood alloy, or a blend of wood and vinyl – a composite material. The manufacturing process is less expensive due to the use of the synthetic materials, yet the appearance can still be similar.  The price is one component, but there are other reasons to choose faux wood blinds in Scottsdale.

Heat and Humidity

Wood blinds, constructed only of wood, can be fairly susceptible to damage from heat, humidity, and moisture.  That is a concern for homes in Scottsdale.  When you buy faux wood blinds, they are much more resistant to damage from humid climates and they are much more suited to withstand moisture better.  Wood blinds, if exposed to high temperatures and humidity over a long period of time, could also show signs of mold.

Durability and Flexibility

Custom faux wood blinds are also more flexible, thanks to their synthetic construction.  They are more durable than wood blinds, which can often get snapped or broken, especially in households with children and/or pets.

Each Room is Different

When you’re talking about kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, where there’s more exposure to heat and humidity, the choice to buy faux wood blinds is perhaps the most obvious.  Both these rooms, and any other room where there is a potential for high humidity and/or high moisture content in the air, would greatly benefit from faux wood blinds in Scottsdale.

The look of wood is a favorite choice of window covering for many homeowners.  It’s easy to see why with the beauty it can bestow upon a room’s environment.  They offer a feeling of comfort and relaxation.  Several reasons can point to a homeowner choosing faux wood blinds vs wood blinds.  It’s important to understand what the alternative of faux wood blinds in Scottsdale offers.


Motorized Window Treatments with Smart Home Connectivity

Motorized shades from Gallery of Shades are great for your home or office. They are energy efficient and enable you or your clients to adjust their ambiance easily and make certain rooms private quickly.

Motorization of window treatment is built into the shades and controlled through an app on your phone or by a remote control. Smart Home systems including Google Home and Amazon Alexis systems can be setup to control your window treatments throughout your home.

Gallery of Shades in #Scottsdale provides high quality, stylish window coverings including #shutters, #blinds, #shades & window tint. Gallery of Shades works closely with the market leaders for motorization of window treatments. Schedule your free in home consultation and let our experts give you the best option to meet your needs.

Motorized window treatment by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers combine a sheer fabric facing with soft, vertical rotating vanes affixed to the back of the sheer. They provide the beauty of sheer drapery panels along with variable light control and privacy.

Luminette® is now available with PowerView® motorization control that connects with smart home systems such as Alexis, Google Home and others systems. By motorizing your shades, your home will have increased security and temperature control. Motorized options extend the life of your shades by eliminating the wear and tear you have with manual shades. Shades are operated through an app on your phone or a remote control and are easy to schedule their operation for privacy and convenience while you are at home and away from your home.

Motorized vertical blinds offer flexibility, convenience and sophistication to any room in your home.

Gallery of Shades works closely with the market leaders for motorization of window treatments. Schedule your free in home consultation and let our experts give you the best option to meet your needs.


Motorized Vignette Roman Shades with PowerView by Hunter Douglas

Vignette-Roman-Shades-PowerView-Hunter Douglas

Motorized Vignette roman shades offer flexibility, convenience and sophistication to any room in your home. By motorizing your shades, your home will have increased security and temperature control. Motorized options extend the life of your shades by eliminating the wear and tear you have with manual shades. Shades are operated through an app on your phone or a remote control.

Shades that are motorized make your home or workspace energy efficient. If also provides a safety component since there are no cords for pets or small children to come in contact with. Motorized shades also enable clients to adjust their ambiance easily and make certain rooms private quickly.

Gallery of Shades works closely with the market leaders for motorization of window treatments. Schedule your free in home consultation and let our experts give you the best option to meet your needs.


Custom Kitchen Window Coverings to Spruce Up Your Holidays

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A custom kitchen treatment can be a quick way to spruce up your kitchen just in time for the holidays.  With family and friends sure to gather in your home, the kitchen is one of the favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee and a homemade treat.  Catch up on conversation in a kitchen with newly appointed kitchen window coverings.

Custom Kitchen Valance

A kitchen valance is popular among kitchen window coverings for its endless potential.  You can switch up your custom kitchen valance to work on its own or simultaneously with another type of window covering.  A custom kitchen valance is almost always going to be the “standout” in the combination because it plays an important role at the top of your window.

Choose the Right Fabric

Kitchen window coverings can add warmth to the room, making it an even more inviting place to sit and chat for a while, catching up on “old times.”  Choosing the right fabric with the right degree of durability can be very important, especially if the window to be covered gets a lot of sun or is close to the oven, which could deliver the possibility of greasy elements getting absorbed into the fabric.  The fabric selected for your kitchen window coverings should be one that can weather the events that take place in a kitchen, be easily cleaned, and won’t fade or become “worn-looking” easily.  If a fabric’s care is easy on maintenance, it can be a good choice for kitchen window treatments.

Kitchen Shades

The window’s shape and size also need to be taken into consideration when planning for kitchen window coverings.  Kitchen shades come in a plethora of options, including sizes and colors.  With the right custom kitchen valance on top, you can have all the stylish warmth you want in your kitchen area.  You can also choose to let in as much, or as little, light as you wish for each time of day.

Call us at Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today and let us help you customize your kitchen with your favorite window coverings to ring in the upcoming holidays with joy and happiness.

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